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Prevent Puppy Whining

puppy whining

Welcome to the our Learning Library. Today we’ll talk about puppy whining, why they do it and what you can do to help minimize this behavior when it is unwanted. Whining is just how some puppys communicate or express their excitement or anxiety. Puppy whining is usually a response to some form of stress. If […]

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Best Invisible Dog Fence

PetSafe -the best invisible dog fence for keeping your pet safe and secure. Today, we have two rescued Golden Labs named Nala and Blaine (pictured). We got Nala first and, as a puppy, she was independent and ready-to-run. Several times when a fence gate or garage door was left open she took off on what […]

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Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs w No Leash

The leader of the pack Augusto Olivera, He became internet star after rising this video in walking with dogs without a leash by a quiet town, showing an incredible bond with their animals But today increases the challenge, trying to repeat this feat in busy streets “Graham, here! Savannah!” Augusto grew up on a farm […]

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PetSmart Puppy Crate Training

Today we’re going to learn crate training -Hey it’s Aaron and Guppy and today we’re getting some puppy training tips with -Shannon So I know you’re supposed to crate train but to be honest it kind of feels like a puppy jail Oh no, not at all He needs his own space His own zone […]

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