Adult Dog Size Chart

Affenpinscher7-9 Lbs.
Afghan HoundMale: 60 Lbs.; Female: 50 Lbs.
African Boerboels154-200 Lbs.
Airedale Terrier55 Lbs.
AkbashMale: 90-140 Lbs.; Female: 75-105 Lbs.
AkitaMale: 85-115 Lbs.; Female: 65-90 Lbs.
Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogsMale: 70-90 Lbs.; Female: 55-75 Lbs.
Alaskan Klee Kais23 Lbs.
Alaskan MalamuteMale: 85 Lbs.; Female: 75 Lbs.
American BulldogMale: 75-125 Lbs.; Female: 60-100 Lbs.
American Eskimo Dog20-40 Lbs.
American Foxhound55-75 Lbs.
American Staffordshire Terrier57-67 Lbs.
American Water SpanielMale: 30-45 Lbs.; Female: 25-40 Lbs.
Anatolian Shepherd Dog90-150 Lbs.
Australian Cattle Dog35-45 Lbs.
Australian Kelpie31-46 Lbs.
Australian ShepherdMale: 50-65 Lbs.; Female: 40-55 Lbs.
Australian Silky Terrier8-11 Lbs.
Australian Terrier12-14 Lbs.
BasenjiMale: 24 Lbs.; Female: 22 Lbs.
Basset Hound40-60 Lbs.
Beagle18-30 Lbs.
Bearded Collie45-55 Lbs.
Beauceron65-85 Lbs.
Bedlington Terrier17-23 Lbs.
Belgian Malinois60-65 Lbs.
Belgian Shepherd DogMale: 55-66 Lbs.; Female: 44-55 Lbs.
Belgian TervurenMale: 55-65 Lbs.; Female: 40-50 Lbs.
Bernese Mountain DogMale: 90-120 Lbs.; Female: 70-100 Lbs.
Bichon FriseMales: 11-16 Lbs.; Females: 10-15 Lbs.
Black and Tan Coonhound55-75 Lbs.
Black Russian Terrier80-145 Lbs.
BloodhoundMale 65-75 Lbs.; Female: 55-65 Lbs.
Border Collie30-45 Lbs.
Border Terrier11.5-15.5 Lbs.
BorzoiMale: 75-105 Lbs.; Female: 60-85 Lbs.
Boston Terrier10-25 Lbs.
Bouvier des Flandres60-90 Lbs.
BoxerMale: 65-80 Lbs.; Female: 50-65 Lbs.
BriardMale: 75-100 Lbs.; Female 50-65 Lbs.
Brittany30-40 Lbs.
Brussels Griffon8-10 Lbs.
Bull TerrierMale: 62-70 Lbs.; Female: 50-60 Lbs.
BullmastiffMale: 110-130 Lbs.; Female: 100-120 Lbs.
Cairn TerrierMale: 14 Lbs.; Female: 13Lbs.
Canaan DogMale: 45-55 Lbs.; Female: 35-45 Lbs.
Cane Corso88-110 Lbs.
Cardigan Welsh CorgiMale: 30-38 Lbs.; Female: 25-34 Lbs.
Carolina Dog30-65 Lbs.
Catahoula Leopard Dogs40-90 Lbs.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel13-18 Lbs.
Central Asian OvtcharkasMale: 121-176 Lbs.; Female: 88-143 Lbs.
Cesky Terrier16-22 Lbs.
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverMale: 65-80 Lbs.; Female: 55-70 Lbs.
ChihuahuaNot to exceed 6 Lbs.
Chinese Crested5-12 Lbs.
Chinese FooSmall: Under 20 Lbs.; Medium: 21-50 Lbs.; Large: 51 Lbs. and up
Chinese Shar-Pei45-60 Lbs.
Chipoo3-12 Lbs.
Chow Chow45-70 Lbs.
Clumber SpanielMale 70-85 Lbs.; Female: 55-70 Lbs.
CollieMale: 60-70 Lbs.; Female 50-65 Lbs.
Coton De TulearsMale: 9-13 Lbs.; Female: 8-11 Lbs.
Curly-Coated Retriever60-70 Lbs.
DachshundMinature: 11 Lbs. and under; Standard: over 11 Lbs. (usually 16-32 Lbs.)
Dalmatian40-60 Lbs.
Dandie Dinmont Terrier18-24 Lbs.
Doberman Pinscher65-90 Lbs.
Dogue de BordeauxsMale: 110 Lbs.; Female: 99 Lbs.
English BulldogsMale: 50 Lbs.; Female: 40 Lbs.
English Cocker SpanielsMale: 28-34 Lbs.; Female: 26-32 Lbs.
English Foxhound55-75 Lbs.
English SetterMale: 60-65 Lbs.; Female: 50-55 Lbs.
English ShepherdMale: 45-60 Lbs.; Females: 40-50 Lbs.
English Springer SpanielMale: about 50 Lbs.; Female: about 40 Lbs.
English Toy Spaniel8-14 Lbs.
Estrela Mountain DogsMale: 88-110 Lbs.; Female: 66-88 Lbs.
Field Spaniel35-50 Lbs.
Fila BrasileirosMale: 110 Lbs.; Female: 90 Lbs.
Finnish SpitzMale: 47-53 Lbs.; Female: 40-47 Lbs.
Flat-Coated Retriever60-70 Lbs.
Fox Terrier?(Smooth)Male: 17-19 Lbs.; Female: 15-17 Lbs.
Fox Terrier?(Wire)Male: 17-19 Lbs.; Female:?15-17 Lbs.
French BulldogNot to exceed 28 Lbs.
German Pinscher25-35 Lbs.
German Shepherd?75-95 Lbs.
German Shorthaired PointerMale: 55-70 Lbs.; Female: 45-60 Lbs.
German Wirehaired Pointer45-75 Lbs.
Giant SchnauzerMale: 60-105 Lbs.; Female: 55-75 Lbs.
Glen of Imaal TerrierMales: about 35 Lbs.; ?Female: less
Golden RetrieverMale: 65-75 Lbs.; Female: 55-65 Lbs.
GoldendoodleMinature: 15-30 Lbs.; Medium: 30-45 Lbs.; Standard: 45 and over Lbs.
Gordon SetterMale: 55-80 Lbs.; Female: 45-70 Lbs.
Great DaneMale: 130-180 Lbs.; Female: 110-150 Lbs.
Great PyreneesMale: 115 Lbs.; Female: 85-90 Lbs.
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog105-140 Lbs.; Female: 85-110 Lbs.
GreyhoundMale: 65-70 Lbs.; Female: 60-65 Lbs.
HarrierMale: 45-60 Lbs.; Female: 35-45 Lbs.
Havanese7-13 Lbs.
Hungarian VizslaMale: 45-66 Lbs.; Female: 40-55 Lbs.
Ibizan HoundMale: 50 Lbs.; Female: 45 Lbs.
Irish SetterMale: about 70 Lbs.; Female: about 60 Lbs.
Irish TerrierMale: around 27 Lbs.; Female: around 25 Lbs.
Irish Water SpanielMale: 55-65 Lbs.; Female: 45-58 Lbs.
Irish WolfhoundMale: at least 120 Lbs.; Female: at least 105 Lbs.
Italian Greyhound7-14 Lbs.
Jack Russell Terrier14-18 Lbs.
Japanese Chin4-7 Lbs.
KeeshondMale: about 45 Lbs.; Female: about 35 Lbs.
Kerry Blue TerrierMale: 33-40 Lbs.; Female: less
KomondorMale: average 80 Lbs.; Female: average 70 Lbs.
Kooikerhondjes20-24 Lbs.
KuvaszMale: 100-115 Lbs.; Female: 70-90 Lbs.
LabradoodleMiniature: 26-40; Medium: 40-55 Lbs.; Standard: 55-77 Lbs.
Labrador RetrieverMale: 65-80 Lbs.; Female: 55-70 Lbs.
Laekenois55-65 Lbs.
Lakeland TerrierAbout 16-17 Lbs.
Lancashire Heeler6-13 Lbs.
Lhasa Apso13-15 Lbs.
L?wchen8-18 Lbs.
Maltese4-7 Lbs.
Maltipoo5-20 Lbs.
Manchester Terrierunder 12 Lbs. (usually 6-8 Lbs.)
Maremma Sheepdogs66-100 Lbs.
Mastiff175-190 Lbs.
Miniature Bull Terrier25-33 Lbs.
Miniature Pinscher8-10 Lbs.
Miniature Poodle4-8 Lbs.
Miniature Schnauzer13-15 Lbs.
Neapolitan MastiffMale: 150 Lbs.; Female: 110 Lbs.
NewfoundlandMale: 130-150 Lbs.; Female: 100-120 Lbs.
Norfolk Terrier11-12 Lbs.
Norwegian BuhundsMale: 31-40 Lbs.; Female: 26-35 Lbs.
Norwegian ElkhoundMale: 55 Lbs.: Female: 48 Lbs.
Norwich TerrierAround 12 Lbs.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverMale: 45-52 Lbs.; Female: 35-42 Lbs.
Old English SheepdogMale: 70-90 Lbs.; Female 60-80 Lbs.
OtterhoundMale: 115 Lbs.; Female: 80 Lbs.
Papillon4-9 Lbs.
Parson Russell Terrier13-17 Lbs.
Peekapoo4-20 Lbs.
PekingeseNot to exceed 14 Lbs.
Pembroke Welsh CorgiMale: 27 Lbs.; Female: 25 Lbs.
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen25-35 Lbs.
Pharaoh Hound45-55 Lbs.
Pit Bull30-60 Lbs.
PlottMale: 50-60 Lbs.; Female: 40-55 Lbs.
PointerMale: 55-75 Lbs.; Female: 45-65 Lbs.
Polish Lowland Sheepdog30-35 Lbs.
Pomapoo3-14 Lbs.
Pomeranian3-7 Lbs.; preferably 4-5 Lbs.
Poodle4-8 Lbs.
Portuguese Water Dog42-60 Lbs.; Female: 35-50 Lbs.
Pug14-18 Lbs.
Puli25-35 Lbs.
Rat TerrierToy: 4-6 Lbs.; Mid-sized: 6-8 Lbs.; Standard: 12-35 Lbs.
Redbone Coonhounds45-70 Lbs.
Rhodesian RidgebackMale: 85 Lbs.; Female: 70 Lbs.
RottweilerMale: 85-135 Lbs.; Female: 80-100 Lbs.
Saint Bernard120-200 Lbs.
Saluki35-65 Lbs.
SamoyedMale: 45-65 Lbs.; Female: 35-50 Lbs.
Schipperke12-16 Lbs.; Female: 10-14 Lbs.
SchnoodleToy: 6-10 Lbs.; Miniature: 13-20 Lbs.; Standard: 20-75 Lbs.
Scottish DeerhoundMale: 85-110 Lbs.; Female: 75-95 Lbs.
Scottish TerrierMale: 19-22 Lbs.; Female: 18-21 Lbs.
Sealyham TerrierMale: 23-24 Lbs.; Female: 18-22 Lbs.
Shetland SheepdogAbout 20 Lbs.
Shiba InuMale: average 23 Lbs.; Female: average 17 Lbs.
Shih Tzu9-16 Lbs.
Siberian HuskyMale: 45-60 Lbs.; Female: 35-50 Lbs.
Silky Terrier8-11 Lbs.
Skye TerrierMale: 35-40 Lbs.; Female: 25-30 Lbs.
Snorkie6-14 Lbs.
Soft-coated Wheaten TerrierMale: 35-40 Lbs.; Female: 30-35 Lbs.
Spinone ItalianoMale: 71-82 Lbs.; Female: 62-71 Lbs.
Staffordshire Bull TerrierMale: 35-40 Lbs.; Female: 30-35 Lbs.
Standard SchnauzerMale: 40-45 Lbs.; Female: 35-40 Lbs.
Sussex Spaniel35-45 Lbs.
Swedish Vallhund19-30 Lbs.
Thai RidgebackMale: 40-60 Lbs.; Female: 35-55 Lbs.
Tibetan MastiffMale: 90-150 Lbs. or more; Female: 80-110 Lbs.
Tibetan Spaniel9-15 Lbs.
Tibetan Terrier18-30 Lbs.
Toy Fox Terrier3.5-7 Lbs.
Toy Manchester Terriersunder 12 Lbs. (usually 6-8 Lbs.)
Toy Poodles4-8 Lbs.
Vizsla45-65 Lbs.
Weimaraner55-90 Lbs.
Welsh Springer Spaniel35-50 Lbs.
Welsh Terrier20-22 Lbs.
West Highland White Terrier15-21 Lbs.
Whippet15-30 Lbs.
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon50-60 Lbs.
XoloitzcuintleToy: 5-15 Lbs.; Miniature: 15-30 Lbs.; Standard: 25-40 Lbs.
Yorkie-Poo4-15 Lbs.
Yorkshire TerrierNot to exceed 7 Lbs.


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