Apoquel alternatives for dogs

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Like humans, animals also face various medical issues including allergies. You may not know that your dog may be allergic to something present in the house. If you have noticed yourself, or if someone has pointed that out to you, you are in grave trouble. Because what humans don’t realize that pet allergies are very different than their allergies. They can affect their immune system and when it comes to dogs you are in for a long, itchy journey.


The other fact that comes into play, when your dogs have allergies, is the cause. There are many allergies that your dog can get without the cause being too obvious. The common allergies are:

Allergic dermatitis, commonly known as skin allergies. They are the most common and reoccurring kind of allergic reaction the dogs can get. The three main causes of skin allergies are:

  • Skin Allergies caused by fleas. (Allergy dermatitis)
    These are caused when the dog gets bitten by a flea, at the worst possible stage the only cure left is to shave the dog from head to toe. The indications are red, inflamed, and scabbed skin. You may also notice the flea residue that they leave behind, and also notice the fleas on the skin of the dog.
  • Allergies caused by food allergies:
    There are many foods that your dog can get allergic to, a changed brand of food can also cause this type of allergies in your dog. The most common indication of food allergy symptoms is itchy skin, this itching can be limited to areas like ears and paws. Food allergy can also bring about gastrointestinal problems.
  • Allergies caused by Environmental allergens (Atopic Allergies)
    Environmental allergies can be caused by Environmental allergen, (they are the substance that causes the allergies). These allergies can be seasonal as well, which means you will notice the allergy symptoms only in a particular season and none otherwise. You will find your dog itching certain areas like ears and paws, like food allergies but also, wrist, underarm, muzzle, ankle, and groin.

The Secondary danger:

With skin Allergies and others, comes another potential danger to their immune system as well and that is the danger of secondary infection. When a dog scratches and bites itself to ease the itching. He tears at the skin, which can cause open wounds that can be subjected to grave infections in the future.

Like humans, animals also face various medical issues including allergies. You may not know that your dog may be allergic to something present in the house. If you have noticed yourself, or if someone has pointed that out to you, you are in grave trouble. Because humans don’t realize that pet allergies are very different than their allergies. And when it comes to dogs you are in for a long, itchy journey.

What is Apoquel for dogs?

When dogs are allergic to something, they would feel itchy and start rubbing their skin with their paws to get some relief. If your dog shows this behavior regularly, there is every chance that it may be allergic to something. To avoid the condition from worsening, the first thing you need to do is pay a visit to the vet. You cannot get Apoquel without a vet prescription. The vet might prescribe Apoquel for dogs if he is showing signs of allergies. It’s one of the most common prescription drugs that is used to treat and cure dog allergies, of any kind. It can also cure or slow down chronic allergies and keep them at bay. This medicine is also all over the world, to treat and control chronic manifestations of allergic and atopic dermatitis in dogs. Apoquel works by providing quick relief for itching and inflammation, as they go straight to the source that’s causing the pain and the itch and making the dog uncomfortable. When your dog senses that the itching is subsiding, it will stop itching. That’s how medicine works.

A pharmaceutical company called Zoetis used the medical drug called oclacitinib and gave it the proper medical name of Apoquel that is common in every country and is easily available by this name.

What is Apoquel For Dogs Used For?

As is mentioned above, dogs can be allergic to things just like humans. As a result, they may start feeling itchy, which will make them rub and tear at their skin. If your dog is allergic to food that it eats or the environment that he stays in, he can get affected with a skin problem called Atopic Dermatitis. This disease creates inflammation and is caused as a result of various allergies.

Apoquel or apoquel generic is used to treat a variety of allergies that dogs suffer from including contact dermatitis, flea allergies, food allergies, and other similar issues as well. This drug starts improving the condition of the dog within 4 hours or less. However, dog owners should know that the effect of one dosage stays from 12 to 24 hours depending on how bad the allergy condition is and how bad the symptoms are. In addition to that, you should have clear communication with your vet regarding the dosage that has to be given to the dog. Never give any dosage, no matter how bad the condition is, without the recommendation of your vet. Wrong and ill measured dosage can affect his immune system and be fatal to your dog. Let it to the professional just do as you are instructed.

Apart from continuous scratching, other signs highlighting allergy may include vomiting, diarrhea, and a week bladder. You should observe your dig every hour when you first see the signs of any discomfort or itching. Dog owners should be very vigilant when it comes to the health of their pets, they should keep their eyes open for any sign of discomfort or change. If any such change occurs, they should make an appointment with the vet as soon as possible. Approaching the vet is the most cautious step you should take.

In most cases, a dosage of 0.4 to 0.6 mg/kg is prescribed by vets. In addition to that, this dosage is given for a maximum time span of 14 days. But it’s advisable to ask your vet and confirm before giving the medication to your dog. Because without a consult from your vet you may not know if the medicine will suit your dog, and his immune system, or not.

Serious side effects of Apoquel for dogs

It is a fact that Apoquel has its adverse effects as well, maybe your dog will get affected or maybe not, but it’s better to be to have these in your knowledge so, in case of any mishap you will be well aware of them and can notify the vet immediately.  As a result, dog owners don’t really opt for this particular medicine, they seek Apoquel Alternatives for Dogs. Some of the serious side effects that Apoquel can affect your dog with are listed below.

  1. Loss of Appetite

 Dogs stop eating properly if they are treated with Apoquel on a continuous basis as in daily dosage. If you observe such change in your dog after giving him the dosage then it’s time for you to switch to an alternative for your dog. You will not notice the change immediately, but slowly and gradually the dog will start to lose its appetite and at one point it will stop eating altogether. If you keep a close eye on your dog you will know the exact point from which the change started to occur, and you can notify your vet about it, this is crucial information that will help the vet decide the course of action for the treatment and cure of your dog’s allergies.

  1. Increased Aggression

Regular use of Apoquel can increase the level of aggression and agility in the dog. In other words, it would start showing signs of abnormally high activeness and portray an aggressive attitude. For instance, it would start attacking people around without any reason. The effect is similar to that of steroids.

  1. Pneumonia

Just like humans, pneumonia is a serious medical condition for dogs. Your dog may get infected by this disease due to the continuous usage of Apoquel. In worst cases, this can also prove to be fatal. Apoquel in huge dosage can prove to be horrifying for the dog’s health. Most of the time this case happens when you think the condition is severe and up the dosage without medical consultation from the vet. Self-medication can be very harmful for your pet. Should you realize that the medicine isn’t working for your dog, get the vet on the phone and explain. Never ever, up the dosage yourself. You might cost the dog its life.

  1. Increase in lethargy

Dog owners feel happy when their loved animals play around and behave actively things may not be right if you see them being lethargic and lazy. A lazy dog isn’t appreciated, a lazy dog means trouble. The nonstop use of Apoquel may cause your dog to be lazy and lethargic. If you feel that your dog is taking too long to respond is unwilling to move around, there is every chance that it may be a side effect of Apoquel. Don’t think that the dog may be feeling under the weather. If he is on Apoquel treatment then there is a fair chance that the medicine is causing this condition.

  1. Diarrhea and Vomiting

 Dogs start excreting at a high rate when Apoquel does not suit them or the given dosage is higher than needed. If your dog is passing stool more than they normally do, or if you are feeling that they have no control over their bladder then you should definitely take the dog to your vet and get it checked. The medicine may be causing this issue and it there is an immediate need to rectify it. like Diarrhea another key symptom of the side effects of Apoquel is vomiting. Your dog might throw up everything it eats, even water. he might lose all control over his acid reflexes and throw up without warning. Both the conditions can be fatal if go unnoticed.

You should never leave your dog alone in the house, if he has any kind of allergy and if it is on any kind of medication. Because being present and observant is very necessary when you are giving medicine that has such a high possibility of adverse effects in your dog. Take a day off work, or arrange a sitter while you are gone. That way if any of the above symptoms occur, the vet can be notified in time.

Natural Apoquel Alternatives

Considering the side effects that Apoquel for dogs has, a lot of people consider natural alternatives. The use of various natural alternatives can be used to treat skin allergies without any adverse effects.

The use of coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies, particularly for skin allergies. It nourishes the skin and due to an increase in hydration, your dog would feel less itchy. Other than that, chickweed gel is also a good natural remedy for skin allergies. Similarly, apple cider vinegar is commonly used in place of Apoquel.

There is no doubt that there are countless natural remedies for treating dog allergies. These remedies may take longer to have a proper effect but you can be sure that your dog would not face any harmful side effects. Most natural remedies are a lot cheaper than conventional medicine. For instance, one of these remedies is the use of lavender essential oil. The fact is that this method works very quickly and keeps your dog active and at peace. Lavender oil is mostly available in the house. Even if you have to purchase it, a high price does not have to be paid.


Dog Owners should be careful about regular dog checkups. In most cases, they get allergies because of not being taken to the vet regularly. Secondly, you have to keep a check on your dog at all times. Usually, when your dog gets lazy, irritated, or abnormally aggressive, it is a sign that he may be having an allergy.

Conventional anti-allergy medicines do work well and in a quick way but they have adverse health effects. Some health problems that dogs face include pneumonia, excessive stool, vomit, and can affect their immune system. It is important to be careful about the dosage of medicine is given. This quantity may vary with the age of the dog and its breed.

Lastly, keep your eyes open for natural remedies used to handle dog allergy issues. There are various dog health-friendly remedies that can help you with allergies.