Best Reviewed Dog Bath Near Me ? and you!

This happened to me and it will probably happen to you. I finally bought the first puppy that I and my family always wanted. And I started to understand that there is so much more that goes into owning a dog than what meets the eye. For instance, I quickly realized I couldn?t share the bath tub with our latest family member. So I picked up my smart-phone and typed ?best dog bath near me? and was inundated with info about everything under the sun related to K9?s!

My first experience was with a mobile dog groomer. She did a great job, but the cost for two dogs? … $150 and that’s for ONE time! Then I went to a nearby dog bathing facility. I? still paid $50 for two dogs and I did all the work! I asked myself – Do you really need to locate a nearby dog bath; waste the time, effort, and gas to get there; and have to wait in line to PAY to bathe your own dog? ?The answer is NO! … Just get a brand new Bissell BarkBath and save yourself a-lot-of trouble and your dog a-lot-of aggravation. Let?s explore what makes this product a good purchase and what you and your pup stand to benefit from it. Then I?ll let you decide if it is absolutely not the best dog bath near me.

Newest Dog Washing Technology

Rather than drive to the closest dog bath near me service for hire option, which could be miles away, you are better off embracing this cutting edge dog bathing technology. It converts your living room, or pretty much any room in your house, into a potential bathing spot for your puppy. It is indeed the next big thing when it comes to bathing your dog with minimal effort and virtually no mess at all. Just don?t be one of those doubting Thomas types that sprays some water on the floor just to confirm that the shampooed water is flowing and everything is working. If you just have to do it, try not to do it on your carpeted areas.

How the BarkBath works

This portable grooming system works pretty much the same way as a vacuum cleaner except it is a wet one using water and all. While one lead tube supplies water and shampoo mixture to specially designed nozzles that point it into the fur reaching beneath to scoop the dirt and grease, another special soft suction tube pulls the dirt and water mixture out and pumps it into a second tank. This mechanism allows you to shampoo your pet without splashing water everywhere. Here are some more reasons to love the bark bath portable dog bath near me mechanism!

best dog bath near me

Features of the BarkBath

aPortable grooming system
This system allows bathing the dog in virtually any room of the house owing to the instant vacuuming features that leave no mess at all. This works well even if the dog doesn’t stay still. So water doesn?t spill all over

aEffective cleaning
The system of nozzles and vacuum head leaves no dirt behind so the dog is thoroughly cleaned from the skin up.

aSaves water and shampoo
Just 48 ounces of water is enough to clean a 80+ lb dog completely with some water and shampoo mixture to spare.

aNo-rinse formula
The formula used with the BarkBath system is tried and tested on both dogs and humans and proven to feel refreshing without need for a rinse.

aCompatible with other bark bath portable dog bath systems
This product works well with other products from the same and other manufacturers for grooming dogs.

aInbuilt nozzles for all types of fur
Nozzles included here are capable of getting beneath all kinds of fur to deliver that critical spruce up. This new tech cleans faster and more effectively than traditional methods that deposit dirt in other parts under the fur.

Newest Dog Cleaning Technology

Pros of the BarkBath system

aCheaper grooming costs
Over time, grooming costs start to pile up. The BarkBath may be a little investment at first but it will save you much more money in the long run.

The system comes with an easily portable design, light weight and a bag so you can carry it wherever you like.

aEasy to clean
While it leaves no mess behind, the system is itself easy to clean by simply? draining the dirty water tank.

aComes with additional accessories
In addition, you get a storage and carrying bag, a microfiber mat and clothes to cover sensitive areas like the face.

aNo chemicals are used
No irritants are contained in the bath bark formula and therefore you and your K9 friend have less to worry about.

aRelatively quiet
Yes it does make a similar noise to that of a vacuuming device but it is much quieter and will seldom aggravate the animal. This also means peace for the operator with only an almost musical humming sound coming from the unit.

Final Verdict

Is the BarkBath portable dog bath the best closest dog bath option?

What more could a dog owner crave? You get to save money you could have spent to clean your dog – saving on water and soap plus all the effort and time. With this effective dog bath system you can easily clean him after an evening meal and not lose any sleep over it. Who said giving your dog that quick spruce has to be a hectic chore?? Your dog also gets to benefit from more frequent baths leaving him feeling refreshed. And? you know? how great your pet feels after a? bath and how much they love? it. Most pets have no?trouble with the vacuuming noise that the machine makes but even if yours does, you can position the base unit further away with the long tubes. They will soon develop a liking for the lukewarm massage of the water jets and the freshness afterwards.

Best Dog Bath Near Me – in a Nutshell,

This is the perfect fit for anyone looking to clean their dog while? saving lots of time and effort in the processes. There are plenty of reasons to buy this product today. It now has a very affordable price and is a great value for the money. Buy it now and make your dog ownership experience more? enjoyable by making your dog?s bathing time refreshing and enjoyable! Finally, the BarkBath comes with a full 12 months warranty period to seal the deal…

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