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Do You Need A High Anxiety Crate?

Impact Dog Anxiety Crate

Most people always want the best for everyone close to them, like their pets. Most of us are dog lovers. When it comes to talking about the well-being of dogs, they tend to do everything to make sure that their pet is well taken care of. Every pet owner wants to make sure that their dogs are feeling alright, healthy, and active. No matter how naughty they get or how annoyed pet owners get, they will always worry about their dogs if there is a sudden change in their appetite and behavior. Dogs are naturally born fun, energetic, active, and very playful with a soft side: they will always look out for their owner no matter what. Hopefully, that is what owners would do as well.

It?s not just humans who experience and have anxiety, some dogs experience and can have that, too. No, that dogs can be affected by this in different forms. In most cases, dogs become fearful of other people and tend to hide away when they are in crowds. If there are sudden unpleasant changes in your dog?s behavior, better get them checked immediately to see what might be wrong and for it to be treated immediately. This why it is important as well to keep our dogs checked to make sure that they are both physically and emotionally healthy.

What is Dog Anxiety?

Like a human person, dogs can experience anxiety as well. Unpleasant may anxiety be, it is considered as a normal and healthy emotion for them, but if left unchecked, it may cause problems and changes in the dog?s behavior. Severe separation anxiety can affect any dog breed and can affect each type of dog differently. Anxiety can come to a dog at any time if it is triggered by an event that can affect the dog.

As an owner, you have to observe whether there are changes in your dog?s behavior to be aware if your dog might be showing symptoms of dog anxiety. Symptoms of Dog anxiety can be; excessive barking and panting, drooling, restlessness, aggression, defecating or urinating inside the house, disruptive behaviors, compulsive and repetitive behaviors.

Although the dogs experience dog separation anxiety from time to time, non-proportional levels of anxiety may lead dogs to them, developing and having anxiety disorders. Dog anxieties can mostly be caused by aging, fear, or separation.

About These Heavy Duty Dog Crates

This might be a solution for you who has trouble whenever your dog would have a fear of going out. High Anxiety Dog Crates are square or rectangular shaped crates, specially designed for dogs who experience anxiety. These crates are guaranteed to provide your dog with the feeling of being safe and protected.

When you happen to visit stores, you can find dog anxiety crates made up of aluminum, steel, or even cloth. You will choose which of the three you would think suits your dog?s needs. The aluminum ones are heavier if to be compared to those crates made of cloth. The weights of each crate may be varying, but one thing to be guaranteed is that these crates are easy to carry, proven durable, and high tolerable strength. A high anxiety crate has holes on each side that can assure the owner that their dog won?t be suffocated. ?There is room for air exchange in the crates. Also, the aluminum bars in these dog crates are or can be perfectly adjusted for the dog not to be able to chew or bite the bars off of the crate. The crates are proven secure because all types of crates always come with a lock so you, as a pet owner would not have to worry about your dog being able to flee away or escape from the dog anxiety crates.

You can choose what kind of crate you would want for your dog, according to its size and height. Anxiety dog crates come in small, medium, and large sizes so no need to worry of not finding a dog crate for your dog.

Dog anxiety crates are originally made and designed to make your dog feel safe and relaxed. Materials that were used in making the dog crates were designed not to allow heat to gather up inside the crates. In this way, you can be sure that your dog won?t feel irritated and will remain cool all the time, most especially during hot seasons like summer days. Your dog will remain relaxed and happy all day long. These crates can provide the necessary needs of every anxious dog or puppy and you won?t have to worry about going outside because your dog will feel comfortable inside the crates, comfortable enough to even cope and interact with people and even the environment around him.

These types of dog crates are a must to be purchased if your dog is suffering bad cases of dog anxiety. The dog anxiety crates are available at any pet shop near you, and you have to inquire and ask about it to anyone who is in charge and knowledgeable about the crates in the pest store if you still have questions about dog anxiety crates. If there?s a problem that would occur, you won?t have to worry because all crates come with few year warranties.

Important Items To Check Before Buying a High Anxiety Dog Crate!

If you plan to buy a dog anxiety crate you must be aware of which crates would have the best features that would suit your anxious dog. To help you, here is what you should know and note about the important features before purchasing this type of specialty dog crate.

Measure the Dog?s Dimension and Height

Before purchasing the crate, you should first measure the dog?s height and dimensions. This is an important thing to remember to avoid the breath shortage or suffocation of the dog that can arise as a primary issue when the dog is inside the crate. This can allow you to measure the size of the crate to allow your dog to be able to sit and stand inside the crate comfortably.

Crates must have Good Ventilation and be Darker

Dogs might feel uncomfortable upon exposure to daylight or sunlight that is why it is important to note that the crate you?ll be purchasing for your dog is darker and has enough room to allow air to go in and out of the crate.

Make sure that the Gaps between each Crate bar are not that Big

Anxious puppies or dogs tend to chew or bite off anything that comes in their way. Gaps of the crate that you will buy shouldn?t have too much gap because if the dog chews and break it, it might flee or escape. Purchase a dog crate that has protective bars that aren?t far from one another.

The Strength of the Crate

Before checking out and buying the crate, do check its strength. This is a significant factor because dogs with anxiety sometimes would feel uncomfortable being confined, so they might pull themselves out to escape the confinements of the crate. Therefore, the dog anxiety crate that you should buy must be strong enough to hold your dog, but at the same time, make them still feel safe and comfortable.

Three Best Top Quality Crates For Anxious Dogs

To know which dog crates is probably suited for the need of your anxious dog, here are some of the best dog anxiety crate brands that you can buy. The pros and cons of the product will help you decide as well which product has the best features of the crate that you are looking for.

PRO SELECT Empire Cages

EMPIRE high anxiety dog crateseparation anxiety

If your dog keeps chewing on the cloth crate you just bought, then Pro Select Empire Cage would be the solution for you. It features stout welds on stress points and two strong latches on the crate doors which assures you that your dog won?t be able to escape. The Pro Select Empire Cage comes with a removable tray for easy cleaning purposes.

It is made up of strong materials, and it gives the owners two options to make it movable or keep it stable because you can remove its wheels. This cage, however, is only made for large-sized dogs and not for small-sized ones. Also, though it has wheels, the pro select empire cage is not portable because the materials used in the crate makes the crates heavy and hard to carry around.

Pro Select Empire Info

SMONTER Heavy Duty and Strong Pet Kennel

SMONTER dog anxiety crate

This dog crate is known for its unique styles, which makes buyers? heads turn when they see it. This crate has attached rollers and the latest style of locks that makes it impossible for your dog to open. Thus, thanks to the rollers, you can take your dog around with you for a morning or evening stroll. With constant walks, your dog will be able to familiarize its surroundings, and it can help tone down its anxiety. The Smonter Crate can also be put stable because its rollers come with locks. The frames of the pet kennel are made up of aluminum. Therefore, it is strong enough to provide your dog with security and protection. You don?t have to worry about the assembly because this crate is quite easy to assemble.

Smonter Crate for Dogs Info

IMPACT Collapsible and Durable Aluminum Dog Crate

Impact Dog Anxiety Crate


This is the best choice of dog crate if you are always on the road or traveling and you wish to take your dog with you. This Impact Dog Crate is a great solution for those dogs who always try to escape. Makers of this crate understand that dogs with anxieties need to be treated and therefore, making a crate that gives dogs a sense of comfort and calmness. The manufacturers also made sure that the materials made for the dog crate aren?t harmful. Thus, not to compromise the dog?s health. An additional feature is that this dog crate has 4-sided ventilation, which makes sure that your dog won?t be suffocated inside the crate.

Upon assembly, as mentioned earlier, it has a collapsing feature, so be careful not to lacerate your fingers.

IMPACT dog anxiety crate Info

Other ideas for dogs with separation anxiety :

Soft-sided Pet Crate

Soft Sided Dog Anxiety Crate

This cloth-made crate is the best to use whenever you feel like going out with your puppy or dog. You can take your pup or dog shopping in malls or even in parks with you thanks to this amazing dog crate. It is guaranteed to be lightweight to provide convenience and makes carrying it around easy. The opening of the crate can be located on the top of the crate. Therefore, unloading and loading your dog is easier. You won?t have to worry about cleaning it as well because the crate is washable.

You can only put pups or small dogs in here that are 8 pounds or less though because it is made up of light materials. You have to be with your dog at all times if you would use this because there can be a tendency that your dog might rip it up when it gets angry and uncomfortable.

Soft Side Pet Crate Info

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

PetNation Dog Anxiety Crate


This can be both used indoors and outdoors. This Crate will keep your dog comfortable and cozy at all times and is specifically designed to give your maximum dog space for ventilation. The fabric used for this crate is also waterproof. Therefore, if you are outside and rain starts pouring your dog will be safe inside the crate.


Petnation Port-A-Crate Info


Here are more proven items to help high anxiety dogs:

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Natural Supplements

Dog Anxiety Wrap

Dog Anxiety Music


How to make a dog crate a fun place for your dogs?

You have to think of a lot of ways to keep your anxious dog feeling safe and secured inside a dog crate, so you have to make them still have fun though being inside dog crates. Do not lock the doors of the crate immediately for them not feel shocked and scared. You can also leave treats inside for them to munch and enjoy inside the crate. Lastly, you can give your dog a blanket or their favorite toy for them to feel warm, comfortable, and still happy inside the crate.

Go here for more tips on effective crate training.

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