The Best Functional Luxury Dog Beds (period).

Your dog gives you his best, give your best back to him. Keep him happy and healthy with a luxury dog bed. Luxury doesn’t mean audacious or opulent (although it can be). It can be comfortable, supportive, and regenerative. It can make him feel better. Here are the best beds to do that!

Types of beds

The best dog beds are made of memory foam. It’s not as expensive as its name implies; it’s also less cozy. The problem is that dogs love their smells, and what’s the point of having an appealing and expensive bed if they can’t smell it? Thankfully, manufacturers are trying to solve that problem. Pet Pro Supply in the U.S. makes it a point to offer more styles than other vendors. Memory foam is made of a very thin layer of polyurethane; it helps you sink into the foam more deeply, alleviating pressure on joints and ligaments. “It’s very nice if your dog likes sleeping on their back and not on their sides,” says Christine Kreuter, in a white paper for

What is luxury?

First and foremost, luxury in dog beds is a combination of utility and comfort. It’s a bed your dog loves to hop up on, sleep on, and feel well-rested on. Function first A dog bed is a floor covering that keeps your pet from getting up all night to pee on the floor. That’s luxury. It’s a bed that doesn’t harm his body or his hips. Warmth and comfort – the most functional dog beds provide warmth and comfort. They’re designed to keep your dog’s body from getting too cold at night. They’re made from natural and organic materials. Design and pattern – useful dog beds give your dog comfort and style. Many invigorating dog beds have elevated panels so your dog can see out. These dog beds are also super supportive to help relieve your pup of aches and pains when he sleeps.

Why are luxury dog beds so important?

Let’s talk about the first thing most new dog owners forget: your dog does not care about designer beds. They do care about comfort. They want a safe place to rest and recover. Dogs do not have the capacity to argue, and they certainly cannot decide for themselves, especially if they are still recovering from surgery, or if they have arthritis. But fortunately, they can communicate that need for their needs to their family. And that’s what we have at Pet Pro Supply.  The ability to communicate their need for a quality bed to their families. From their realistic, yet imaginative designs, to their wonderful customer service and online delivery system, I believe that with Pet Pro Supply.

What is the best bed?

The Romeo Orthopedic Bolster bed utilizes cutting-edge Advanced Orthopedic Hybrid Support System™, combining cutting-edge True Cool memory foam that keeps pets comfortable and supported with advanced LiftTex support technology. This technology helps older dogs or dogs with mobility problems enter and exit the bed. The Romeo Orthopedic Bolster bed also provides an overstuffed and removable AdaptaLoft™ cloud fluff bolster that caters to pets’ nesting instincts in addition to provide comfort and security.

The water-resistant outer cover is poly-suede performance fabric. While it is machine washable, the fabric ensures your bed will never smell and rarely need to be laundered.  High-tech Kevlar smart thread is used to make the seams 5x stronger than other beds and ensures long-term durability.

How do I choose a bed?

Obviously, the top priority for a dog bed is support. Dogs that want to curl up or lie down in the middle of the floor are not a good candidate for a bed. You want a bed that can stay in one place, won’t move around, and won’t slide away. Also, since dogs don’t always sleep standing up, they need to be able to get out of the bed if they need to, which can be an issue for styles that do not have head or footholds for wheelchairs, or if they don’t have slats at all. Your dog should also be able to climb in and out without any assistance. If you’re buying a bed for a dog that has never been on one before, he will need to be encouraged to climb on and off it, and to use it for lying down. The best way to encourage this is to put some treats on the bed.


Of course, luxury doesn’t have to be for a dog. The quality of its materials and processes and the sustainable design and manufacturing have a dramatic impact on the end result. Try to give a gift that will make someone feel good for years to come. It’s true that a quality item should last for a long time. But as the saying goes, nothing will outlast love! For more info visit Pet Pro Supply.

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