PetSmart Puppy Crate Training

Today we?re going to learn crate training -Hey it?s Aaron and Guppy and today we?re getting some puppy training tips with -Shannon So I know you?re supposed to crate train but to be honest it kind of feels like a puppy jail Oh no, not at all

He needs his own space His own zone So think about it like his own little personal puppy man cave thing -Awww, you want your own little man cave? -Yeah! -With his special toys, everything It will be great

-It sounds amazing! -Do we have one? -Well we need one *snaps* -There you go! -Guppy, look! It’s your own little man cave! Go check it out! Your brand new crate! -So what?s the best way to get him to go in there without forcing him into the crate? -Right You never want to force him because again, you want him to look at this as a positive This is exciting Yes! Good boy! Now if there?s ever a time like that where Guppy goes in all on his own, you definitely want to mark it, praise him and reward him This is a really good thing that he just did

So to get started, we?re going to start off with it in here And we?re just going to kind of be down here with Guppy and make him feel real safe and not try to close the door right away on him When we first start, how long should I keep him in there? I would only start with about five minutes and build your way up from there -What about when he starts crying and whining and calling for me? -Oh I know that?s the worst! But just be strong I know it will be hard but Guppy will very quickly learn that all he has to do is whine and you?ll let him out

-Ah, yeah we don?t want that -Right So now we need to get him to go into the crate So what I want you to do is I want you to take your treats (Guppy?s favorite) -Okay Got it right here

-And I want you to Good boy! I?m going to let you try this out Aaron Guppy! Good and now you want to lure him into the crate Okay, umm, Guppy! See it? In the crate! Yes! Good boy! -Very good job! -And how many times should I do this? You know, I would say let?s start with about five or ten times Let?s just do it back to back a little bit -Are there any cues I should use when doing this? -Yeah, you can use the cue “crate up” or ?go to bed?

Whatever feels good to you -Whatever comes natural -?Crate up!? I like that I like it Guppy! Crate up! Yay! Good boy! As you notice that he starts to go into the crate, he?s enjoying time in the crate, you can start to close the door on him, and leave the room, leave him in there overnight

And then what you want to do is you want to establish something that let?s Guppy know ?Hey you can come out! You?re done! Wake up! Good morning!” Whatever you want to use for it, ?free puppy? “Okay? comes a little more naturally to most people How about “Rise and shine”? Is that too long? -No, that?s perfect -Is that good? Yes, let?s try it! Crate up! And now open it and say ?rise and shine!” Rise and shine! -Yay! -He did it! *smooch*

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