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Have you ever heard about using Rimadyl for your pet dogs? Do you have in-depth knowledge about using Rimadyl for dogs, its potential side-effects as well as its alternatives? No? Don?t worry because you will find complete information about this drug in this article. We care for your dogs and puppies just like you do. Therefore, we have provided in-depth information in this article which is very important for you to know.

  1. What is Rimadyl?

Rimadyl is actually a brand name of the veterinary drug carprofen. It is basically a non-steroidal drug which also characterized as a non-inflammatory drug. Just like Advil and aspirin, this drug is greatly being used to treat the pain in dogs.

  1. Why Rimadyl is prescribed to dogs?

A large number of veterinarians prescribe the drug Rimadyl to dogs who are suffering from backbone pain, osteoporosis, discomfort, post-operative pain as well as swelling in the body. This medical drug is prescribed to treat all these issues in dogs. In an everyday basis, the drug is prescribed to the dogs for the following three reasons:

  • For chronic pain management such as in osteoporosis.
  • Post-operative or post-surgery medication to treat any inflammation, swelling and surgery pain.
  • To reduce fever.

It is always highly recommended by the veterinarians to never ignore the odd behavior or illness symptoms in your dog. A physically and internally healthy dog is always so active and playful. However, if your dog is not active and playful in a day, make sure to get him checked by a good veterinarian. It is very important because if he is suffering from any pain, the veterinarian would prescribe him some medications. However, never give any drug e.g. Rimadyl, to your dog without consulting the veterinarian. It is important because you don?t really know what is actually happening with your dog and whether he needs a particular medicine or not.

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  1. Is Rimadyl Safe? Are there any side effects of using this drug?

There is a lot of discussion around us whether Rimadyl is safe for dogs or not. The answer to this question is that it is not a completely safe medicated drug. It can be used when there is a deep need for it but it should never be used on a regular basis. Just like other medicines, Rimadyl has some very noticeable side effects on dogs. The most common side effects of Rimadyl in dogs include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, ulcers, and black or bloody stool. It must be kept in mind that each of these issues if ignored, may lead to life-threatening circumstances. For example, a number of dogs die each year due to excessive and continuous vomiting and diarrhea. It doesn?t matter whether the Rimadyl intake causes diarrhea or vomiting, but it is very life-threatening in any case.

Similarly, if a dog is already sick and not playful anymore, giving him Rimadyl may lead him to suffer through the loss of appetite. In conditions of loss of appetite, the dog would ultimately stop eating as normal. When your dog would stop taking the required daily amount of food, it would ultimately start feeling weakness. As a result, he would become sicker which would lead to further issues.

In some other cases, issues of skin have also been seen due to the consumption of Rimadyl. For example, the Rimadyl may cause the redness of skin and itching in dogs. Scabbing in dogs is also among one of the side-effects of Rimadyl.

It has been seen that some of the dogs also develop liver or kidney issues if they are exposed to prolonged use of Rimadyl. However, it has been seen in only rare cases but when they happen, they make the conditions life-threatening.

However, the side effects of Rimadyl vary from dog to dog. If some of the dogs are prescribed to take Rimadyl and have side effects, it does not mean that all of them would suffer from all of these symptoms. The side effects of Rimadyl vary from dog to dog and it also depends on the immune system of your dog. A physically and internally healthy dog might not suffer from the side effect of Rimadyl. On the contrary, a dog with an already weaker immune system may tend to suffer more from the side effects of Rimadyl. Still, it is not a hard and fast rule as the conditions of side effects differ from dog to dog. Some of the dogs got severe reactions while others get recovery from the illness without facing any side-effect.

However, you must consult a good and reputable veterinarian before giving Rimadyl to your dog. In some cases, it is even more good to use the other alternatives of Rimadyl in order to avoid its side effects.

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  1. Are natural alternatives for dogs available?

Rimadyl is not that harmful a drug to every dog. Rather, if your dog is showing none of its side-effects, then you can use it for your dog without worrying. However, if your dog is showing any of its side-effects, then it is better to avoid giving him this medication. Stop using it immediately for your dogs and also avoid it in the future. Now the question arises, ?If I should avoid giving Rimadyl to my dog for pain relief, what should I give to him?? You would be glad to know that there are many other alternatives that you can use for pain relief management for your dog. Some of them are discussed in this article:


The first natural alternative to Rimadyl is Dasuquin which is a very good and highly recommended supplement. It is best and highly effective as it contains chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM and many other vital compounds that are abundantly found in soybean and avocado. All of these ingredients are very effective for the strengthening of joints. If you give the prescribed amount of Dasuquin to your dog, it would result in strengthening his joints. In this way, your dog would stay safe from bone or joint pain issues as well as safe from osteoporosis.dasuquin

Free-Form Concentrated Omega-3 Supplement

Not only this, but another important natural alternative to Rimadyl is the free form concentrated Omega-3 supplement. This Omega-3 supplement is specially designed for the dogs to aid them in reducing inflammation, pain, and swelling. These free form concentrated supplements are available in the market in either liquid form or in the capsule form. If you want to give Omega-3 supplements to your dogs, you may give it to him orally, without any injections or drips. This is a natural supplement that has no side-effect for the dogs and can be given to any dogs without worrying.

Omega-3 For Dogspain and inflammation
Adequan Injections and Tramadol

Besides these natural alternatives, there are some alternative medicines that you can use in place of Rimadyl. For example, Adequan injections, as well as tramadol, are seen as highly effective for reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation in dogs. No matter whether you use a medicated alternative or a natural alternative, it would be good for your dog. The natural alternatives are usually highly recommended because they provide many essential components to the dog?s body. In this way, your dogs would be able to enjoy a healthier and joyful life due to good health.

CBD (Hemp) Oil

Another most effective natural alternative to Rimadyl is the CBD oil supplement which is also known as Cannabidiol which is found in Cannabis and Marijuana plants. Due to being extracted from plants, it is very effective to be used for a number of issues such as reducing pain, depression, strengthening heart, and cancer-related issues. Not only in humans, but this is also widely used for animals such as dogs. If you are a pet lover and have a dog at your home, you must once read about the CBD oil supplements in detail. It is important because you may need it one day for your dog but without proper knowledge, you shouldn?t use it in any case. Let?s go through its top advantages in dogs.

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Advantages of CBD (Hemp) Oil

There are the following advantages of using CBD (hemp) oil for your dogs.

  • Helps in Reducing Pain

A dog may suffer through mild or severe pain due to a number of reasons. For example, he may suffer through extreme pain after any surgical operation, after an injury and due to any other illness. For reducing the pain in dogs, a number of people give Rimadyl to their dogs. As Rimadyl is not good for dogs, you can use its natural alternative which is CBD (hemp) oil. It is very effective in reducing the pain in dogs while making them feel relaxed and good. Especially, when your dog is in his older age, giving him a number of medications could further impact his health. For example, you may be giving him medicine for reliving bones or joints pain. In such cases, you can replace those medicines with natural alternatives such as CBD

  • Could Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Your dog may suffer through anxiety and even depression due to the various reasons. For example, he might be upset if he is so attached to you but you have to stay at work for longer. If you go on a vacation without your dog for some days, he may get the anxiety and even depression in longer durations. Any type of body ache may be making him upset, anxious, and even depressed. Whatever the reason is, the use of CBD (hemp) oil is the most effective remedy for reducing his anxiety and depression.

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  • Could Reduce Cancer Symptoms

In some cases, it has been seen very effective in reducing the cancer symptoms or cancer-related issues in your dogs. If your dog is already suffering through cancer, the use of CBD oil would help in controlling it within the body. If your dog has a weaker immune system, there are higher chances that he would be attacked by a number of germs. Some of these may cause serious illnesses such as kidney issues or liver and lung cancer. In these situations, if you are already giving the CBD oil to your dog, it would help in protecting your dog against those harmful germs.

  • Enhance Neuroprotective Properties

One of the greatest advantages of using this oil for your dogs is that it improves their brain signaling system. For example, if your dog is in older age, there are higher chances that his memory starts getting slower or weaker. In such cases, you may give him CBD (hemp) oil to boost his brain signaling system. Through this, a rapid response of the brain signaling system has been seen in dogs. This is especially given to dogs when they start showing weird behavior or lack of response due to the aging process. Along with improving the brain signaling system, it also protects the brain from the damages of the aging phenomenon.

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  • Strengthen the Heart Muscles

Along with all the other benefits, one of the most important things that CBD (hemp) oil does, is the strengthening of brain muscles. This oil is a blessing for those dogs who are in the aging process or in old ages. Just like human beings, the heart muscles of the dogs start becoming thinner in the older ages. Their heart lining starts becoming thinner and thinner and the chances or heart-related issues increase. In such cases, the best thing for your dog would be the use of CBD oil. However, must consult the veterinarian before actually giving it to your dog.

Side-Effects of CBD (Hemp) Oil

Besides all the advantages of using CBD oil, there are also some disadvantages of using the CBD oil for dogs. Some of them are as follows as:

  • Diarrhea

You dog may suffer through diarrhea if you are giving this oil to him for the first time. If he got diarrhea from it, immediately stop using it for your dog and also avoid it in the future.

  • Changes in appetite

In very rare cases, a little change in the dog?s appetite may be observed. In these situations, it is recommended to stop using it so that the dogs may not go on hunger. If the changes in appetite are just minor, then you can continue using it.

  • Fatigue

Your dog may experience fatigue after using this oil but it may be temporary. If it is only minor and temporary, then you can continue using it for your dog. Otherwise, immediately stop using it for the betterment of your dog.

However, it doesn?t mean that every dog using the CBD oil will surely suffer through these side-effects. Just like other medications, the symptoms of using CBD oil differ from dog to dog. Some of the dogs may develop fatigue, or diarrhea or may show the changes in their appetite. On the other hand, some dogs would be absolutely perfect after using CBD oil. Therefore, it is important to keep your dogs under consideration whenever you are giving them any treatment.

Besides these advantages and disadvantages, you should never use this for your dogs without consulting the veterinarian first. No matter what happened to your dog, you must consult a health professional first and discuss with him everything. Also, ask him if you can give him CBD oil or what precautions should be taken in giving your dog this oil.

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