Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs w No Leash

The leader of the pack Augusto Olivera, He became internet star after rising this video in walking with dogs without a leash by a quiet town, showing an incredible bond with their animals But today increases the challenge, trying to repeat this feat in busy streets

“Graham, here! Savannah!” Augusto grew up on a farm in Brazil with dozens of dogs and he learned from an early age to communicate with them “Wait!” Today lives, breathes and even sleeps with his herd “Hight five!” as part of their work leading the German Shepherds kennel Griffin “My dogs know me as part of the herd, spend a lot of time with them The food, let out, even the army I do everything with them

” Home of Augustus, Cynthia, is amazed by what he sees every day “I believe that Augusto has a gift” “And dogs, all dogs not only his, They respond amazingly training of Augustus ” To test your workout, Augusto decided to leave the pack to walk off leash at a place very busy to which dogs are not used ” “Today I’m taking my pack to walk Boston Massachusetts

” “Sitting Hannah!” “Today I have to Hannah, Jenna, Harmony, Griffin, Priscille and Savannah I start with my pack a leash in the position where they should go and I maintain my position before him to release the belt ” And after Augusto leaves the dogs off leash one to one keeping everyone under control in a distracting environment “And as you can see, they have maintained the same position I put them” “Good girl”

Finally the six German shepherds make walking together successfully “Hey guys Does anyone want to greet me?” and dogs have been a hit with Bostonians I wish I had a dog so well-behaved like that, I have two dogs that are misbehaving and this would be amazing, but do not think I can play what he does you can see that these dogs are well trained, they are calm He has absolute control over them ” “I love spending time with my dogs

I feel there are many things I can do with them I can spend time training them, taking them to places, playing with them and never get tired ” After a hard day’s work, Herd takes the opportunity to take a well deserved nap “Guys you have fun?” “Yes, everyone is tired as you can see” “To the bed” “Still!”

Source: Youtube

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