Trazodone For Dogs


Dogs have been companions to humans for as far as we can remember. The relationship between a man and his dog has references in literature spanning centuries with humankind. The esteemed relationship going as far as to dedicating monuments and rights to canines. These days, it is hard to find a house in America that doesn?t have a pet dog.

Just like humans, dogs have a variety of emotional and psychological issues that may arise for any number of reasons. A dog which is submissive in its behaviour may find it hard to mingle and interact with other dogs or humans, and as such, may show anxiety symptoms similar to those found in humans.? These symptoms may develop suddenly, especially as a response to a change in their environment or owner, and may also arise as a consequence of them going into heat. If you are the owner of a dog showing these symptoms, it is your responsibility to take care of it in the best way possible. In case these symptoms are ignored, it may manifest itself into something a lot serious down the line, and therefore, must be resolved as soon as possible. A promising solution to dog anxiety conditions has been Trazodone.

What is Trazodone?

Trazodone is a prescription antidepressant which is used to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. The way Trazodone works is by controlling serotonin levels in the brain. Trazodone is generally taken orally, in the form of a tablet. These tablets may be regular or extended-release tablets. The tablet is often available under the brand names Desyrel and Oleptro. Although its main focus is on correcting issues like anxiety and depression, it may also be prescribed if someone suffers from insomnia or other sleep-related problems.

The drug is available in doses ranging from, 50, 100, 150 and 300mg tablets. These tablets inhibit the removal of used serotonin in the brain, allowing for it to stay around for long. This causes an increase in its absorption, leading to an increase in mood and a decrease in depression and anxiety. Serotonin is responsible for controlling the natural rhythm associated with sleep and aggression, and as such, has noticeable effects in lowering aggression and promoting sleep.

As this drug may cause blood pressure to drop, it must be used only under prescription from a qualified doctor, any interaction with such medicine may exasperate symptoms, which may result in a dangerous situation for the patient. As this medicine lowers a patient?s blood pressure, it may inadvertently result in it dropping below a safe level. In addition, it may also interfere with the mechanism of antibiotics, and as such must not be used in presence of an infection, no matter how minor. It should also be noted that though pregnant patients may be able to use it, it has been reported that its use increases the risk of fetal death.

Since Trazodone is a sedative, it will also cause drowsiness and hence, it is inadvisable to use in case alertness is necessary.

What is Trazodone prescribed to dogs for?

Trazodone for dogsThe most basic and primary use of the Trazodone for animals such as dogs and cats are to treat the behavioural changes taking place in them, either they are acting weird or going through initial phases of depression and anxiety. Little doses of trazodone for dogs along with other supplements are mixed and injected in series of two such as during day or night to procure the best possible results.

Needs for the use of Trazodone occurs when the animal is exhibiting strange behaviour and especially when the particular behaviour is posing a serious threat to the people or environment. Dog trazodone is used to treat a few specific disorders among dogs such as separation anxiety as well as other anxiety-related disorders. The basic mechanism of action for this drug is that it is an anti-depressant which is classified as Serotonin antagonist reuptake inhibitor (SARI), animals when provided with this drug often feels good and active due to the activity levels of serotonin rushing through the neurons. It also excites and influences the production of other hormones or enzymes associated with pleasure and excitement among the animals. The trazodone can essentially be used only when prescribed by a licensed vet, some cats are also known to show great progress recovering from any type of anxiety they might have from visiting the vet.

Although if you need to use the drug or administer it for yourself, it is highly demotivated as a licensed vet should only progress with such types of operations If done wrong the Trazodone can have a negative influence over the animals and often times the dosages can also prove to be lethal. Therefore, only a licensed vet should ever prescribe and administer the antidepressant themselves or you can do it yourself only if the actual quantity is known. There are some serious side-effects of the drug Trazodone which will be discussed below;

Is Dog Trazodone safe and are there side-effects?

The trazodone implemented over the digs for the sake of depression and anxiety-related disorders is only safe to a particular extent like any other anti-depressant is. The advanced use or usage beyond certain limits always bring about potential side-effects.

Reported possible Trazodone side effects for dogs:

  1. Gastrointestinal effects

These may include vomiting and diarrhoea; the animals will likely be torn up on the gastrointestinal digestive systems and may fall short on the immunity against these specific symptoms. Although, these symptoms only exhibit when there has been a lethal dose injected.

  1. Hyperactivity
  2. Panting
  3. Shaking
  4. Restlessness
  5. Sedation
  6. Ataxia

These are all the side-effects which range from mild to severe depending upon the dosage administered and the repetitive intervals on which the dosage was administered. However, certain leaps and preventions can render the side-effects null, but a lot of factors play an important role here. Of the most dangerous and alarming factors sedation, hyperactivity and shaking are the most consistent ones, because the animal is going through continuous trauma and the feeling is not particularly a good one. The side effects become more severe if beaks or rest periods are not implemented according to the advice of the vet, and if left undermined can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Generally, a waiting period for a few days is recommended by the vets to make a general assumption of the severity of the side-effects and as a protective measure, usually mild to moderate usage of the drug is advised by the vet, to overcome any related side-effects and also to control already present ones.

Are there alternatives to dog trazodone available?

Clonidine can be used as an alternative for the Trazodone and if two are mixed, the best possible results can be witnessed like improved cognitive functioning and improvements in the overall behaviours of the animals. Apart from using antidepressants or similar drugs other practices can prove to be beneficial to improve the anxiety-based disorders and lower down any elevated symptoms noted inside them. Natural elements, as well as other remedies and exercises, can prove beneficial in this stead, starting from the following;

Natural dog Trazodone supplements

Alternative To Dog Trazodone

Apart from all the medical treatments available for curing depression or anxiety related issues in dogs, many natural herbs and remedies can also have a positive effect on them as well. It is still wise to consult a vet before beginning? treatment with any? natural supplements or remedies.? Typically, popular natural supplements have been tested, heavily reviewed, and do not come with harmful consequences for the animals. Many natural herbs are known to contain specific nutrients and vitamins which can help to alleviate anxiety symptoms altogether. Apart from the natural herbs and supplements, the following natural remedies can also prove to be beneficial;

  1. Exercise
  2. Distraction
  3. Daily walk

Along with the herbal help from nature, you can add in these known strategies to bring down the levels of anxiety with your dog and to make him more calm and easier to deal with. Where some of the exercises can work individually, to gain the best possible results you can think about combining two or three. This will surely provide with maximized results in calming the animals in a more easier way.

Dog Anxiety Wrap

Best Dog Anxiety Wrap Pattern

While there could be many triggers associated with anxiety and depression in the animals and a few of them can be fear from thunder, fireworks or any kind of sonic noise and on more engaging level separation anxiety or travel, anxiety can be a problem there. Using dog anxiety wrap pattern can be a simple and easy fix. The anxiety wrap is much more effective when it comes to these specific problems as it can surely help to relieve the stress by providing the absolute quantity of pressure and acupressure over certain areas of the animal.

It is easy to wear and on the go kind of gadget which you will find effective on many occasions if you need not apply antidepressants as a treatment to the animals this incredible and operational gadget can help in great terms. It is water resistant and made with the softest cloth using the sophisticated stitching so it can never bother the dogs and they feel comfortable wearing it. For it is like a continuous hugging sensation from their partner, and they cherish it and feel comfortable with it more appropriately.

Dog Separation anxiety music

dog separation anxiety music

Music now is the most wonderful thing ever, it is not a thing actually but more like a feeling which covers you from all the bad and wrongs of the world and takes you to a more incredible and alive space. Same goes for the dogs suffering from the separation anxiety, as they have just been lifted from their herd/crowd and feeling alone as us humans would do.

At these times dog separation anxiety music can help tremendously as a cure and behavioural therapy for the dogs suffering from the separation anxiety. These specific tunes are engineered so they can feel more comfortable and enjoying themselves to sleep when the melody starts to strike their ears, they feel relaxed and any particular sensation of being in danger slightly fades away. For this purpose, one can use the classical music as it is more uplifting and alive, you can also mix the songs and tracks from the various other sources, have them mixed properly and use it with your animals to treat the anxiety or depression they are going through especially the separation anxiety. It is a promising method especially when you are looking for more natural treatment other than using any kind of antidepressant such as Trazodone which surely has some ill effects associated with it.

High Anxiety Dog Crate

High Anxiety Dog Crate

Often times it might happen that your dog or animal is not feeling well and is experiencing some of the most viral waves of anxiety, even the drugs or other things which first helped can?t seem to do any better. What can be done here? Well, you can use a high anxiety dog crate, it is a specific device constructed only for the animals suffering from the separation disorder or other forms of anxiety at the moment.

These crates are manufactured using the high-quality aluminum and steel which are a string as well as lightweight as it comes. You can use these crates to withhold even the most viral ones of the animals and the ones which are more susceptible to cause any destruction or to try to escape more often. This thicker and all operational crate can help even the most troubled ones sleep well and rest for some time, it will help them to rationalize things even a little. You won?t have to worry about them breaking things or going violent anymore, as this crate can prove efficient and effective over any other treatment or drugs you are going to use for calming them down or treat their anxiety. Some of these methods other than drugs like anti-depressants actually work, you just have to give them a try.

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